by Simon Roberts
(Brighton, England)

Published by PAO Projects

Year: 2020
Edition: 1,000
Pages: 16
Binding: Saddle Stitch
Production: Offset Newsprint
Dimensions: 170 x 250 mm

Printed in the United Kingdom

Brexshit Times was published by PAO Projects in collaboration with British artist Simon Roberts. It was released on 01 January 2021, the official date of Brexit.

Printed on salmon-colored newsprint, the zine features hyper-zoomed in, scanned images of the three Conservative Prime Ministers who held office over the course of the Brexit process. These images are juxtaposed against a selection of text extracted from The Brexit Lexicon (2016-2020), a unique compendium of the most common terms that have shaped the discussions of Brexit in both politics and the media. The zine’s publication also marks the exhibition of The Brexshit Machine (2020), an LED artwork featuring a continuous loop of new Brexit-related words, at The Container, Tokyo.

The publication was exhibitied along Roberts’ other Brexit work in the Ci.CLO Bienal 2021, Porto (Bienal '21 Fotografia do Porto).

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The Container
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